The Team

Producer -  Anna Hollinrake (
Will need to break down all of the tasks that are needed to be done in order for the 
final goal to be achieved. The producer will need to make sure backups are made and that 
you create a weekly build so that the level can be shown, tested and progress noted.

Art director - Ewa Krzechka (
The artist who had determined the look and feel of the environment (with input from the team and the producer) and has the overall view of how the environment should look, and keeps the art style between a team of different artists consistent. 

Technical Art LeaderMichael Tshikaya (
the artist who knows how to get the level and objects working in your 
chosen engine technology. Blocks out the initial layout. Produces the Technical Specification 
so the rest of the team can import assets and levels into the game engine.

DocumentationShayleen Hulbert (
Keeping the documents up to date on the blog, keeping notes on any meetings and compilling the weekly updates about the teams progress.

ArtistsShayleen Hulbert, George Brierley , Jamie Harris (, Anna Hollinrake, Ewa Krzechka, Michael Tshikaya 
all the above roles will also include art production. The rest of the artists will have to 
take responsibility for their personal schedules and make sure you support the Producer. It 
would be an idea for the artists to have responsibility for areas such as lighting, mesh and 
asset creation as well as texturing.

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