Its the end of group project, and i must say that we are so glad its over. We've all be pushing through the lows and celebrating the good and after the presentation today; everyone was knackered. The mental exhaustion of just showing our level was undeniably high but the relief of putting it out there and saying goodbye for now was amazing.

So without further-ado, a walk through of the level. Enjoy, and maybe this blog won't quite be left in the dust.

Thanks for sticking through till the end
  - Shayleen


Two Days!

Two days away from hand in and the presentation and we have all been meeting up and working together despite the labs being closed.

 With lists of what needs to be done, early on in the day we were crossing stuff off quickly without any hiccups; and then Cryengine decided to have a hissyfit.
So after fixing everything, here are some screenshots i took of the level at the stage it is now (to be all arty and junk).


Jamie's Very Harsh Play-test!

Super Long Post Time!

So basically I was tasked with playing through the level while others worked on other aspects of the project, and scrutinizing every little detail and pointing stuff that needed filling out or fixing. I was a little harsh in places but it is mostly stuff that really needs addressing ASAP, and actually doesn't take that long to rectify once you know what to do.

 One other thing is we also need to place invisible barriers around the waters edges, so players don't accidentally (or intentionally) wander off into the Thames, leaving it impossible for them to get out (well they could go up the stairs, but this is hardly ideal).
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